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Arai Chaser Spike Blue Crash Helmet Right Hand View.
Arai Chaser
Crash Helmet.
Hein Gericke Silk Balaclava.
Hein Gericke
Silk Balaclava.
DeWalt Blue Lens
DeWalt Blue Lens
Infinity Safety
Peter Storm Neck Gaitor.
Peter Storm
Alpinestars T-Dyno White/Blue Jacket.
Alpinestars Vega Drystar Waterproof Gloves.
Vega Drystar
Wolf Leather & Textile Trousers.
Wolf Leather
& Textile
OxSocks Thermal Socks.
Thermal Socks.
Sidi B2 Goretex Boots.
Sidi B2
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Clothing Page 2.
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Arai Chaser Spike Blue
Crash Helmet:

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Arai Chaser Spike Blue Crash Helmet Right Hand View, (When Being Worn).

Right Hand View

Bought mainly for the colour scheme, (Spike Blue) and the fact that there was a 15% discount available the Arai Chaser seemed the better constructed crash helmet of those available in the shop, (was not to keen on the AVG's). The visor LRS, (Lever Release System) is one of the better features on this helmet and a visor can be changed or replaced literally in seconds. The new air conductor ergo duct venting system really moves the air through the helmet in all the right places and the buttons on the vent ducts that open or close the vents are easily operable with gloves on. Priced at £369.99 and with the discount reducing it to £314.49 I felt it was a reasonable price for a mid range crash helmet.


Super fibre construction with triple density inner shell. Click For Larger Image.
Arai Chaser Spike Blue Crash Helmet Left Hand View, (When Being Worn).
Arai Chaser
Left Hand View
Ergo duct venting system and side exhaust vents.
Breath deflector & chin vent with enlarged duct access.
FFS (Free Flow System) reducing draft and wind noise.
Visor LRS (Lever Release System).
Pin lock ready visor with de-mist visor lock.

Hein Gericke
Silk Balaclava:

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Hein Gericke black silk balaclava.

Cost about £11.

I purchased the black silk balaclava from Hein Gericke with a few main objectives in mind. The first was to try to eliminate wind draught around the neck and hopefully the same would apply to eliminate any airborne bugs that may find their way in. Second the balaclava would act in the same way as a breath deflector and stop the visor from misting up, and finally it would prevent the inside of the crash helmet from getting to dirty going on the premise that it would be easier to clean the balaclava than it would the inside of the crash helmet.
I went for the silk balaclava rather than a fully blown thermal job because my thoughts were at this time of year a thinner, lighter Summer style balaclava would keep my head a bit cooler.


Extra light. Hein Gericke Logo.
Hein Gericke Logo
Web Site Link.
Temperature regulating.
Flat seams.
Skin friendly.
All season usage.
Smooth silk fabric for ease of wearing.

DeWalt Blue Lens
Infinity Safety Glasses:

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DeWalt Blue Lens Infinity Safety Glasses.

Cost £10.49.

These sunglasses are actually safety glasses with the intention of protecting eyes in conditions where hazardous materials could come in contact with the eyes such as building sites or workshops. I could see no reason why they could not be used as riding glasses, as they are designed to protect the eyes from impacting objects they should be fine on a motorbike. With nearly 100% UV protection they should stop most glare and protect the eyes from sun damage. I thought they looked quite stylish as well and compared to purpose designed motorcycle glasses I thought the price was pretty good. The only gripe I have is the arms on the frames are a bit to chunky and tend to press into the side of the face when worn under a crash helmet which can get a bit uncomfortable after a while but other than that they are fine.


Poly carbonate wrap around lens and carry pouch. DeWalt Logo.
Dewalt Logo
Web Site Link.
Anti-scratch blue coated lens.
Near 100% UV protection.
Lightweight frame with PPE compatible grade F impact lens.
Optical class: 1.
45m/sec impact protection.

Peter Storm
Windshield Gaiter:

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Peter Storm Windshield Gaiter.
The draw string can pull the fabric together so the neck liner can be worn as a hat.

Cost about £12.

I was given this item of clothing because it was to small for the person who owned it previously but they are readily available from Millets for about £12. The idea is that you've got a nice warm motorcycle jacket, a crash helmet, with a gap in between. Wear this Peter Storm thermal neck gaiter to cover that gap and stop that chill factor! It blocks the wind, insulates your neck and has a toggle adjuster for comfort around the neck. Speeding along at 70mph tends to create a cold wind around your neck that can really chill you and this is an ideal neck warmer. The gaiter can also be used as a hat if so desired, simply pull the draw string to close the material together turn up the neck cuff and you have a hat. Very useful on cold days!


Black thermal insulated. Millets Logo.
Millets Logo
Web Site Link.
Great for motorcycling or traveling in cold weather.
Adjustable neck toggle draw string.
Can convert to be worn as a hat.

T-Dyno Textile
Blue/White Jacket:

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Alpinestars T-Dyno Blue/White Textile Jacket.

Retail price £169.95.
Cost to me £135.96.

I bought the Alpinestars T-Dyno Textile Jacket once again mainly for the colours and the fact that I qualified for a 20% discount because I had purchased the bike from the same dealership. Being of slightly larger frame than most I was a bit disappointed to find that I required an XXL size where normally XL does the job. It was also a bit odd having the zipper do up the opposite way to most men's clothing but apparently this is an Italian thing!
The T-Dyno textile jacket is designed mainly for Summer riding, it has a removable quilted lining that you definitely don't need in the heat of Summer but could be useful on cooler mornings. It is however not particularly good at keeping out the water and in a downpour you will get your inner clothing wet, probably OK in a light shower but it is not classed as waterproof.
With regards to safety there is an upgrade option of housing the Alpinestars Bionic chest guards, (available as accessory upgrade) also available as an optional accessory for this jacket is the CE certified RC back protector. (It comes with standard back, shoulder and elbow protectors).


600 Denier fabric with PU coating. Click For Larger Image.
Alpinestars T-Dyno removable quilted jacket inner lining.
T-Dyno Jacket
Quilted Liner.
Removable quilted liner.
Chest pad compartments with PE protection padding.
Velcro®-type adjustable CE certified soft protectors.
Reflective piping and logos for increased night time visibility.
Back protector compartment with PE padding.

Vega Drystar
Waterproof Gloves:

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Alpinestars Vega Drystar Waterproof gloves.
(Top picture outside, right hand. Bottom picture inside, left hand).

Cost about £80.

I was originally going to get the blue/black Vega Drystar gloves but the store did not have my size in stock so I opted for black ones instead. In hindsight I think this is more practical as they are not colour specific and can go with any other colour. These gloves are supposed to be all-weather gloves and are not to bad in light showers but I have my doubts as to what they would function like in a downpour.
The Vega Drystar are mainly a neoprene, leather and carbon fiber shell between you and the outside world. The gloves come with Alpinestars' exclusive Drystar waterproof & breathable lining which is supposed to ensure a dry interior. The leather palm, cuff and fingers deliver grip and protection while the Thinsulate liner offers protection against the cold.
All in all a reasonably priced all round general purpose motorcycle glove.


Leather and Neoprene lightweight construction.
Carbon fibre knuckle protection for hard wearing lightweight protection.
Waterproof and breathable Drystar membrane.
Thinsulate insulation, lightweight but warm.
Double cuff closure for less wind intrusion and a safer personalized fit.

Wolf Leather &
Textile Trousers:

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Wolf Leather & Textile Motorcycle Waterproof Trousers front and rear views.

Cost about £170.

These Wolf Leather Textile Trousers are waterproof, breathable and wind proof textile motorcycle trousers. I purchased these particular trousers as they claimed to be fully waterproof plus they have a removable thermal lining, (despite this they still make you sweat up a bit if you wear them on a hot day). The Wolf Leather Textile trousers have leather pads in all the important places with CE approved armour on the knees. The main percentage of the trousers are textile and are quite adjustable in the waist and leg areas. The long length leg zips and pop stud ankle fastenings enable them to go over the top of boots with ease and security. Purchased from Harpers in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex for £170 these are a good quality reasonably priced motorcycle trousers especially when compared to some other brands that could cost up to twice as much.


Leather and textile construction. Wolf Logo.
Wolf Logo and
Web Site Link .
100% waterproof, breathable and wind proof.
Removable thermal lining with CE approved knee armour.
Ergonomically positioned Schoeller Kevlar stretch panels.
Schoeller dynatec reflex panels & waist adjusters.
Zipped pockets & 360 degree zipped jacket attachment.

Thermal Socks:

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OxSocks thermal socks from Oxford.

Cost £13.99

I am not a fan of the top of my boot rims chaffing against the bare flesh of my legs so I tend to go for socks that are longer than the actual boot. Up until now I have been using cheap Umbro football socks which is fine for summer use but they don't offer much in the way of padding. The OxSocks from Oxford claim to be cushioned in the important areas to prevent bruising. Made from a combination of natural fibres which are supposed to minimise discomfort through extended use. Having full length shin padding they are ideal for use with boots. Although the socks are thermal I have worn them on hot days and found them to be quite comfortable bearing in mind my boots are breathable Gore-Tex!


Self adjusting cuff. Hein Gericke Logo.
Oxford Logo
Web Site Link.
Padded shin area.
Achilles tendon support.
Moisture wicking material.
Ankle support band.
Seamless toe bumper & cushioned sole.

Sidi B2 Gore-Tex
Waterproof Boots:

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Sidi B2 Gore-tex Waterproof Boots.

Retail price £210.00.
Cost to me £168.00.

Yet again qualifying for a 20% discount I opted to kit my feet out with a pair of plain Black Sidi B2 Goretex Boots. I wanted a pair of boots that could cope with a downpour and keep my feet dry and these boots claim to do just that due to the Gore-tex linings which give complete breath ability and waterproofing. Based on the original Sidi "Vertebra" boots these seemed to be the perfect boot for all year use. This boot also features zip and velcro fastenings, a shock absorbing heel cup and has replaceable shin, ankle and toe sliders.


Gore-tex lined for complete breath ability and waterproofing. Link to the Gore-Tex explaination on Wikipedia.
Gore-Tex Logo
And Wikipedia
Web Site Link .
Replaceable Shin, Ankle and Toe sliders.
Zip and velcro fastening.
Based on the original Sidi "Vertebra" boots.